Spinosaurus fossils found in Morocco

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Spinosaurus skull
The Spinosaurus had a crocodile-like skull with sharp teeth.

One of the most fearsome aquatic dinosaurs, the Spinosaurus, was a 50-foot predator who stalked the rivers like a bizarre crocodile monster. 70 years ago, fossils from the vicious beast were destroyed in Germany during World War II, but now scientists have unearthed a new skeleton in Morocco!

The long-necked dino had nasty clawed forearms, brutal snapping jaws, and swam through the water with webbed flat feet. It also had a funky sail sprouting from its back and a spiky 7-foot tail.

These mysterious animals lived 95 million years ago, and were definitely one of the weirdest ancient titans to ever walk the Earth.

According to Nizar Ibrahim of the University of Chicago, lead author of the Spinosaurus study, the dinosaur is “so bizarre it’s going to force dinosaur experts to rethink many things they thought they knew about dinosaurs.” Considering that this monstrous river king devoured watery prey the size of cars and competed with 25-foot sharks for food, they were definitely as dangerous as they were quirky!

Featured image courtesy of Walter Myers. Image of Spinosaurus skull courtesy of Magnus Manske on Wikipedia.