Spurs and Heat to face off at NBA Finals

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The San Antonio Spurs will be heading for a rematch against last year’s champs, the Miami Heat, in the NBA Finals that start this Thursday. Considering that the Spurs lost last year as a result of Ray Allen’s miraculous 3-pointer in Game 6, you can bet San Antonio is itching for another grab at the crown. On Friday, Miami closed out the Indiana Pacers 117-92 in Game 6 to seize the Eastern Conference victory, and NBA fans were already beginning to drool over a possible repeat of 2013’s grudge match. Their wish was granted on Saturday when the Spurs went toe-to-toe against the Oklahoma City Thunder for a dramatic 112-107 conquest of the Western Conference.

Featured image courtesy of San Antonio Spurs Facebook.