Standing tall with Peter Dinklage

By Jim Goza, CCNN Guest Writer

Peter Dinklage at the 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards.

You may have seen the famous actor, Peter Dinklage, on the posters for the HBO hit television series The Game of Thrones. His amazing performances in that show have earned him both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award – two of the most highly respected awards that an actor can earn.

You might also know that, at a height of 4 feet and 5 inches, Peter Dinklage is considered a dwarf. However, given his incredible achievements as an actor, it’s clear that being small hasn’t limited Dinklage from doing big things.

Something you may not know is that this Hollywood star is even more widely admired for his willingness to help others. In fact, when he gave a speech after receiving his Golden Globe award in 2012, Dinklage made sure to raise awareness about a dwarf, Martin Henderson, who had recently been picked up and thrown by an unknown bully. Henderson suffered a horrible injury as a result of the bullying – partial paralysis – where he can’t move half his body.

This innocent man now requires crutches to help him walk and his dreams of becoming an actor were damaged. By bringing attention to this terrible situation, Dinklage kindly stood up for a victim of bullying. Dinklage is also very supportive of a group that rescues farm animals called Farm Sanctuary, and has served as the spokesperson for the organization’s Walk for Farm Animals.

Not surprisingly, Peter was no stranger to hostility and cruel jokes as a child, for he was often bullied.

However, he offers words of encouragement to those who might find themselves being bullied, “You can say no. You can not be the object of ridicule.” So, while Dinklage is a very successful man, he also tries to be a good man.  Happily married and the father of a beautiful daughter, Dinklage is an excellent example of a man who deserves our applause and our respect. We should all strive to be as big as Peter Dinklage.

Image courtesy of HBO.