Star Wars Rebels details from NY Comic Con!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Empire art
A Star Wars Rebels artist puts the finishing touches on his Star Destroyer.

The much-anticipated animated series, Star Wars Rebelsfinally let us grovel before the might of the Empire at New York Comic Con. Set 14 years after the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader hunts down the remaining Jedi and Emperor Palpatine expands his power across the galaxy, as a group of youngsters rises up in rebellion.

Ah, but what would Star Wars be without a mega villain to battle? What’s that you say, isn’t Darth Vader already the bad boy of the universe? Well, yes, but he’s hired an evil man named the “Inquisitor” to track the last of the Jedi Knights. Wielding a double-bladed lightsaber, the Inquisitor won’t be the only tough guy in the Empire making an appearance. There will be alien species, both new and familiar to fans, as well as bounty hunters!

In the footage revealed at Comic Con, the Empire has seized the frontier planet Lothal and is recruiting soldiers for its TIE Fighter and Stormtrooper academies. Suddenly, a ragtag group of rebel youth take over a spaceship called Ghost to fight an army of Stormtroopers and Star Destroyers!

What’s really exciting is that the one-hour Rebels series premiere will be written by Simon Kinberg, who’s one of the executive producers for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie directed by J.J. Abrams. The Rebels team also has plenty of experienced people who worked on the popular and Emmy Award-winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already practicing my lightsaber techniques and… shhh, don’t tell anyone… my Force lightning.

Images courtesy of Star Wars Rebels on YouTube.