Star Wars speeder bikes on the horizon?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

air purifying bike
That is one environmentally friendly bicycle.

While the North American International Auto Show is unveiling the latest car models, there’s several companies working on super futuristic bicycles.

Take the Lightfog Creative and Design Company, whose working on the Air-Purifying Bike. As you might have guessed from the name, one of the main functions of the two-wheeler is to take polluted air in the atmosphere and transform it into clean, breathable oxygen. It will do this using a battery-powered filter and by generating air with electricity and water stored on board the aluminum frame. I wonder how many of these cycles it’d take to solve the Earth’s pollution

If you don’t feel like buying a brand new bike, MIT’s Copenhagen Wheel may come in handy. This gadget can attach to a regular bike and transform it into an electric hybrid. When a person is cycling down an easy road, the Copenhagen Wheel stores the energy as electricity, then releases it to boost a rider through tougher terrain.

Well, why not do away with wheels altogether? Aerofex’s bike looks more like a cross between a hovercar and a jet ski. It has two large duct fans used to lift the entire contraption off the ground, and is designed to soar up to 15 feet in the air. The company already has a prototype they’re working on, and when it becomes available for the public, they imagine their creation will work best in agricultural settings.

Featured image courtesy of Aerofex. Image of Air Purifier courtesy of Lightfog Creative and Design Company.