Stephenie Meyer is done with vampires?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer.

Whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is telling Jacob Black to stop with all that howling because it’s time to move on. Focusing her talent elsewhere, Meyer is now fully committed to producing movies, a skill she claims to have gained from working on the final two Twilight movies and her newest action flick The Host.

Meyer and producer Meghan Hibbett created Fickle Fish Films as a production company to make literature-related films and media. Their first project, Austenland, is based on the novel by Shannon Hale.

Variety got the chance to speak with Meyer recently about her future plans now that Twilight is over. When they asked about how she came up with the company Fickle Fish and the origins of its name, Meyer explained, “Meghan (Hibbett) and I settled on it because we could not find a name that wasn’t already taken. We’d be eating grilled cheese sandwiches and try ‘grilled cheese,’ and find that someone else already had it. We picked Fickle Fish because we kind of feel like fish out of water.”

If Meyer’s moving on from Twilight, does this mean the end for Bella and Edward?! Nah. Meyer assures us that she’ll sporadically post updates on what the characters are doing and who’s kicked the can on her blog.

I was a never a huge fan of Meyer, but seeing her take a different direction is exciting! It almost makes me want to pick up a few of her other books. 

Featured image courtesy of Fickle Fish Films.