Stop and smell the carrots?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Mysterabbit 1
I wonder if this little guy is trying to catch a ride to the cabbage patch. Or… maybe all of that car smog has turned him to stone!

I’ll be the first to admit that my summer consists entirely of being lazy, eating microwavable chicken nuggets, and sleeping until my mom’s screaming, “it’s been days since your last shower!” (Which, by the way, is not entirely true, since I shower daily!) Fortunately, designer Ji Lee and his team of public art distributors are giving the world a jump-start to a much more exciting morning than mine.

Adding a modern twist to waking up and smelling the roses, Ji Lee has lined the streets of the world (almost literally) with 10,000 tiny bunny statues for his project “Mysterabbit.” From South Korea to England to the United States, Lee’s small sculptures are intended to catch the eye of busy, unsuspecting pedestrians as they go about their business.

The statues, which are shaped in a meditating position, encourage city residents to chill out, and enjoy the small pleasures of life that are often overlooked in moments of hurry. Ji Lee explains his intentions behind the design, “We hope [Mysterabbits] will stop people from their daily routine and for a brief moment, make them wonder about their mysterious, newly found gift, and a small piece of the beautiful world that surrounds them.”

Not only does my mom have a thing for cute statues, but if it means I’m dragged out of the house for a while, you can bet she’s going to be happy about this! If you want to get involved and find a statue of your own, Lee’s heartwarming project has a downloadable map that tells you exactly where the bunnies can be found. So, put the TV controller down, and get hopping. We’re counting on you, readers, to find them!

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