Stranger gives vision back to blind man

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

One time, I was on my way to a friend’s house, and as I was waiting for the bus I noticed a woman across the street drop her sweater. A young boy walking a few feet behind her picked up the sweater and ran ahead to give it back to her. She was so grateful when he returned it to her. Strangers do kind deeds for others all the time. Take the story of an anonymous donation from a stranger that helped a man gets his vision back.

David Gama has a condition called keratoconus, where a part of the eye breaks down over time. People who suffer from it say that their vision is blurry and distorted. Oftentimes, lights that you and I consider normal are very bright for people with the disease. Recently, Gama appeared on TV to share his experiences with people around the world.

One stranger was so touched by the story, they donated enough money for Gama to get eye surgery! With the funds from the unknown donor, Gama flew out to California to meet with Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler. This doctor invented the operation that fixed Gama’s eyes, and he’s the only professional who’s approved by the government to do it! One skilled doctor, two quick surgeries, and 15 minutes later, Gama had his vision back.

“Being able to see, there’s really no limits for what I can do,” said Gama. Thanks to the generous donations of someone he doesn’t even know, Gama can now continue his life the way he had planned. It’s amazing how kind acts can affect the rest of our lives.

Featured image courtesy of Brad Hammonds on Flickr.