Suit up with wearable tech

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

wearable tech watch
WIMM One, the Android powered wearable computer.

Digital information is slowly crawling onto our hands from the computer screen, wrapping around our wrists, and even entering our bodies as microchips. High-tech clothing is just the beginning, as both entertainment and medical devices get easier and easier to take with us. As easy… as taking our body wherever we go.

Before you know it, laptops and smartphones will be a thing of the past, as people watch screens on their glasses and check their body temperature with electronic tattoos. “Everyone agrees the race is just beginning, and I think we’re going to see some very, very big leaps in just the next year,” said tech creator Manish Chandra at a conference on the wonderful new world of wearable technology.

Whether we’re talking Google Glass or Apple’s iWatch, the idea that we can strap on our technology is no longer some futuristic joke. It’s here and it’s just going to keep getting its plugs, wires, and gadgetry deeper inside us. Ritch Blasi, a researcher who specializes in the wearable technology market, says, “It almost makes you think everyone is going to turn into a cyborg.”

Featured image courtesy of Antonio Zugaldia on Wikipedia. Image of Android wearable watch courtesy of Bostwickenator on Wikipedia.