Summer shower in the cottage Using their hands with heating

Someone that came to the dacha to work in the garden or just to break ought to have the opportunity to bathe. The very best approach to do this can be really a summertime shower installed in your garden. However, the weather can not always please the hot times, and the water just does not have enough time throughout the day to heat up. The remedy to this problem is going to be a heated summertime shower to get dacha, which lets you carry water procedures in almost any weather.

Mobile bathtub – that the simplest arrangement of dacha comfort

With a very rare trip to the dacha there is no use in constructing a stationary structure for bathing. In this circumstance, a cell shower, purchased in the shop will provide help. The product is simple to make a bag to the cottage, and if leaving to take with you. The simplest garden shower appearance resembles a rubber mat with a foot pump set up inside. The origin of water is almost any container placed on the ground. From the pump two hoses: one – to the consumption of water, along with the other – to nourish it into the watering can.

Works portable bathtub out of stomping your feet on the mat. Inside the pump is a diaphragm, inlet and outlet valve. You step on the mat with one foot – that the inlet valve opens and the diaphragm brings water out of the tank into the pump. Stepped on the mat together with the other foot – inlet valve shut and outlet valve started. Water under pressure went to the hose with a watering can. Mobile shower may be used anywhere in the backyard Best of on the lawn in the backyard.

Tip! As a reservoir for water, then it is convenient to utilize a plastic bottle in the cooler. It instantly upon arrival at the cottage place it in a bright location. During the day the sun heats the waterand already in the day you may bathe. Creating a project of a stationary summer shower for dacha

To create a stationary warm bathtub for dacha will have to come up with a project. Do not be intimidated, there’s not anything complicated about it. For the simplest construction is going to do a simple scheme, drawn by hands on a page. The drawing shows all of the measurements of the future shower enclosure.

Usually erecting showers by their own hands with heat, stick to the standard parameters:

  • The elevation of the cottage – from two to 2.5 m;
  • Twist – 1 m;
  • The depth – 1.2 m.

Sometimes, the diameter and thickness of the shower stall could be raised. For instance, for heavy people or at the construction of a dressing area. In these situations, the diameter of the shower cubicle has been raised to 1.6 m.

Tip! Living room could be coordinated from the anteroom. For this function, near the shower cubicle set up extra racks, on which the tarpaulin is pulled.

Pick a place to install the shower at the cottage

Install an outside shower may be in any corner of this dacha website. There aren’t any special prerequisites for this construction. Thinking sensibly, nobody will put a shower stall in the yard. It is better to do it behind the house or in the garden, as for your shower is going to need to organize a little drain. It is desirable to place the stall at a sunny area to coordinate the organic heating of water out of sunlight. In order to save building materials, the shower stall can be attached to any building on the south side.

If the outdoor shower in the cottage is installed as a distinct construction, it’s desirable to not eliminate it from the house. After all, the water tank is far better to do with electric heating, and, therefore, it is going to need to pull the wiring from the electrical meter.