Super speedy bike breaks a world record

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Students from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam spent a lot of time designing the VeloX3 to cut through wind for maximum speeds!

When I’m riding a bike, the fastest I ever go is when I’m pedaling down a hill. Even though I can’t be traveling more than 15 miles per hour, I feel like I’m zooming in a sports cars! Well, cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier must have felt like he was flying when he sped up to around 83 mph and set a new world record!

Bowier was riding a high-tech bike called the VeloX3, which was developed by a team of students from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam. It’s a recumbent bike – you know, those bikes where you lay back and pedal  – covered with something called an aerodynamic shell. Basically, it’s a casing designed to reduce wind resistance and allow for maximum speeds! Thanks to the clever designs, Bowier broke the world record for the fastest cyclist on the planet, while another member of his team fell only two slots behind him.

“It was incredibly exciting,” said team manager Wouter Lion. “We had 6 days to break the record, but in the beginning we found some technical problems. We spend a couple of nights to solve everything. When you break the record, after three evenings of bad weather, at the last possible chance, it feels incredible.” I bet going around 83 mph felt incredible. That’s faster than the speed limit on most freeways! Geez, is there some engine hidden on the VeloX3 or something?

Nope, the cyclists practiced long hours to accelerate the bike with leg power. “The cyclists trained for 15 to 20 hours a week to make sure they were in perfect shape to break the record,” says trainer Jelle de Jong. Well, I guess you can say the hours of training definitely paid off for these determined cyclists. I wonder how fast they could go it they pedaled down a hill…

Images and video courtesy of Bas de Meijer and Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam.