Super spray NeverWet makes everything nearly invincible against liquid!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

If a phone is dropped in the water, there a small chance it can be used again. If you stain your favorite shirt or shoes, they will never seem to be as clean as they were before. However, that’s hopefully going to change once NeverWet hits stores!

Scientists from the Ross Technology Corporation invented a set of sprays that will repel water and heavy oils, an invention they’re calling NeverWet.

The product is very easy to use, thankfully, because the set of sprays simply needs one base coat, and after it dries, you just apply a top coat. Voila! – You have just made your own water repellant surface.

Home Depot storeRust-Oleum – the company that plans on selling Neverwet – wanted to show all the things that could be sprayed with NeverWet. After applying the base and top coats to various items, they became just about as waterproof as it gets. When NeverWet was applied to a shoe, it almost didn’t get wet at all when water was poured over it. The shoe even refused to stain when chocolate and mustard were poured on top! Then, after opening an iPhone, spraying the inside, and spraying the outside, the scientists were able to dip the iPhone underwater without it being damaged at all! Some other products they tested were cookware, clothes, and plastics, with much the same amazing results.

There are a lot of products that repel water, you might say, so what is it that makes Never Wet so special? As always, I’m glad you asked. There is this thing called a contact angle, which measures how much a liquid surface touches a solid surface. For our purposes, we can think of a contact angle as how wet something can get. Car wax, for example, has a contact degree of around 95 degrees, making it easier for water slide off, whereas our own skin has a contact angle of 75-90. Neverwet has a contact angle of 165 degrees, which is almost 2 times as water resistant as car wax!

Though this product was created about two years ago, it’s now been announced that NeverWet will be available in the popular hardware store Home Depot for $19.97! I wonder if I can spray it on my textbooks so I can read a in the warm shower…