Surprising non-dairy sources of calcium

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

OJ has vitamin C and 50% of your daily calcium needs!

You might think that a big glass of cow milk is the only real source of calcium , but did you know there’s dozens of non-dairy ways to get it? Yep! So moooo-ve over milk, because we’re taking a detour to explore ways to keep our bones healthy, udder-ly without cows.

Let’s start with canned salmon. Sound a bit fishy? Well, a half can with bones can carry 23% of your daily value (DV) for calcium! Now, it’s the bones that really count here, so be sure to mash them up alongside the salmon meat. It’s not too tough to grind them into a safe mush, because the canning process softens them up.

If you’re looking for boneless fish forms of calcium, then get some sardines, which also happen to be one of the healthiest fish you can chow down on. Seven sardine fillets have 32% DV of calcium, as well as omega 3s and vitamin D.

Now, if you’re a fan of green goodness, get some bok choy (Chinese cabbage). Not only does it have vitamins A and C, you can stir-fry the delicious leaves with some garlic and olive oil, all while getting 7% DV of calcium in 1 cup.

Sound too exotic for you? Then throw in some kale with apricots and avocado, since this ultra-food has antioxidants and 19% DV of calcium.

Okay, so you might be wondering if there’s any nutrition with at least half of the DV for calcium, and there is. Orange juice! Enjoy a big old glass of OJ, because for every 1 cup there’s 50% of your daily calcium needs.

Featured image courtesy of Acceptable on Wikipedia.