Tampa Bay Lightning clinches NHL playoffs

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are on the horizon, as April 16 approaches, and the latest team to clinch a playoff spot is the Tampa Bay Lightning. On Tuesday night, they scored a 3-1 victory against the Montreal Canadiens, who already secured their place in the playoffs. In fact, the 43-27-7 Canadiens just might find themselves battling the 42-25-9 Lightning over the Stanley Cup trophy, because these two contenders have led a very strong season. Tyler Johnson helped send Tampa Bay over Montreal on a third period short-handed breakaway, but he humbly explained, that’s all about “being in the right spot and getting lucky sometimes.” The Canadiens goalie, Carey Price, expressed, “We’re disappointed with our game today, but big picture, we’ve got to be happy with that.” After all, they’re advancing to the postseason no matter what!

Featured image courtesy of Tampa Bay Lightning Facebook.