Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez working together?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

JLO and Taylor
Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift taking selfies after the concert!

Here’s something we thought we’d never see… Hollywood’s pop diva and country music princess doing a duet together! On the final performance of her Red Tour, Taylor Swift invited Jennifer Lopez to help make her childhood dream come true!

Before surprising the audience, Swift mentioned her favorite “hairbrush” song. “You know how you have your favorite song that you just play over and over again in your room?” she told the crowd of screaming fans. Well, apparently J-Lo’s hit single “Jenny From The Block” was constantly on repeat for Swift, because that’s the song she chose to perform!

After the duo appeared on stage together, rumors of a collaboration spread across Twitter. Now, as awesome as it would be to see the return of T-Swizzle (Swift’s “gangster” alternate ego), Swift told E! News that they would not be collaborating on either of their new albums. Bummer! We were looking forward to a Lopez dance remix of Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Featured image courtesy of Ronald Woan on Flickr. Image courtesy of Jennifer Lopez Facebook.