Taylor Swift may join Katie Holmes in The Giver cast!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Katie Holmes image
Katie Holmes, looking elegant as ever.

Yes! Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift, two gals I totally dig, are joining the cast of the upcoming film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s The Giver. I guess this means it’s not just some cheap book-to-film makeover, since it’s getting star-studded fairy dust sprinkled on it. Like I mentioned before, I’m a huge, huge fan of the novel, so pardon my enthusiasm.

Holmes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be playing the mother of main character Jonas (played by actor Brenton Thwaites). Her character offers advice to Jonas, as the boy is taught secret knowledge by the teacher known as the Giver. However, she’s kind of an old stickler for the rules, so don’t expect her words of wisdom to be the pleasant kind that kids like to hear!

As far as Swift, her agents are being kind of quiet about whether or not she’s definitely playing a character, but rumors started popping up last week that the country singer was being introduced to Thwaites by The Weinstein Company film studio’s very own Harvey Weinstein.

As if these two young ladies weren’t big enough names, the well-respected Meryl Streep will be the Chief Elder and Jeff Bridges will portray the Giver. Phew! This flick’s shaping up to be the real deal.  It’s not scheduled to arrive in theaters until August 2014, but we’ll keep you posted on anything and everything related to The Giver.

Featured image courtesy of Taylor Swift Facebook.