Taylor Swift’s winning weekend

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

mini piano Swift
You’re telling me that T Swizzle can rock out on guitars and mini pianos? Wow, talk about a musical genius.

With headlines like “Justin Bieber still monkeying around” or “Miley Cyrus removed from Vogue,” it’s easy to forget that not every celebrity is insane! Thankfully, there are still some very humble stars that have not let fame get to their head.

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars purchasing pet primates that are sadly abandoned the next day, Taylor Swift donated $4 million dollars to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Not only is this the largest donation made by an artist in the museum’s 46-year history, but all the cash goes to building classrooms!

Now, is there a reason (other than her heart of gold!) for this donation? Well, Taylor Swift says her musical success could not have happened without an education. “In school, I was taught a certain amount about music, a certain amount about theater, and that interest sparked something in me. It made me look elsewhere to learn much more about it,” she enthused.

“I think, for me, it’s just going to be so interesting to see Nashville continue to be this hub for music, and this hub for music education. I love the fact that people are coming from all over the world to go to school for music (in Nashville), I love the fact that this is now a new opportunity for kids to be a part of programs that are going to help them know more about what we do here.”

The building – cutely named The Taylor Swift Education Center – is part of an ongoing $100 million expansion that will more than double the museum’s size! So far, the plans include a new theater, exhibit hall, and several other attractions like a “Musical Petting Zoo” where kids can borrow instruments. Did we mention it’s actually opening this Saturday? Yep, this upcoming weekend is a big one for T Swizzle. She gets to cut the rope on her new exhibit, and then jet across Tennessee to accept her award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

The organization announced earlier in the week that it is naming the country music artist as its songwriter of the year for the sixth time in a row. The award is based on chart performance and songwriting credits, so it’s no surprise why Swift is the big winner yet again. She’s released 14 songs that have blasted up to the top 30 from July 2012 through June 2013, and has now won the award more times than any other country artist!

I’ve listened to just about every song Taylor Swift has ever released, and let me just say, this award is well-deserved. From breakups to falling in love, I don’t think any other musical artist has captured my emotions more!

Images courtesy of Taylor Swift Facebook.