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The web technology lead must have a broad grasp of web publishing environments, development languages and web development frameworks, web database options, and network technology. The technology lead acts as the bridge, translator, and plain-English communicator between the technologists and the creative and project management elements of the team. The usability lead’s role is to shape the overall user experience. The usability lead works closely with the information architect—in fact, the same individual often fills both information architect and usability roles. As the primary user advocate on the development team, the usability lead has responsibility for user testing, user research and persona development, and universal usability standards for the site project. In the initial stages of design, the usability lead is responsible for running interviews, field studies, and usability tests and for producing personas and scenarios to inform project requirements.

Players, coaches, referees, spectators, etc. are required to wear face coverings at all times while indoors – including while actively participating. The latest MDH/Governor order states “types of face coverings can include a cloth mask, a neck gaiter, a scarf, a bandanna, or a religious face covering.” This means face shields are not acceptable for players. As the referees account for two of those individuals, each team will be allowed to have18 individuals in the gymnasium for games. We’ve been helping billions of people around the world continue to learn, adapt, grow, and thrive for over a decade. But with the arrival of COVID-19, the stakes are higher than ever. Every dollar contributed enables us to keep providing high-quality how-to help to people like you.

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The team had previously competed with Ford in and from 1994 to 2002. To this day, Team Penske has earned 131 race victories with Ford power. Joey Logano posts team’s top finish after on track incidents affect the finish for all four Team Penske cars. Seed numbers in the brackets will be replaced with teams after the final Saturday games. All teams will play 6 games with one double header Saturday and 2-4 games in the end of season tournament. Practice schedules can be found on the individual team page calendars. Practice schedules are uploaded once teams are formed and the coaches meeting has taken place.


You can also use photos or scans to demonstrate your work further. Here you can list all the details about the services your business provides. Start the page with a brief explanation of your services to outline them. If your services contain extensive descriptions, consider splitting them into sections.

MUV Interactivefeatures a very sleek Meet the Team page on their website. Each team member profile provides a short, professional bio and a link to their LinkedIn page. The best part, however, is the option to select various photos. Each team member has an industry headshot, a personal photo from childhood, and a superhero photo – yes, a superhero photo. The background color varies, and each photo has a little personality.

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What might be acceptable for a creative site might not go over so well in the finance or legal industries. It’s also important to consider how a site’s visitors will perceive a humorous or campy touch. While it adds personality, if overdone or done in the wrong industries, it can come across as unprofessional. Object Adjective had a simple team page, with a photo and brief bio about each member, as well as their contact information and a link to their downloadable vCard. Virtually all of the pages included here have images associated with each employee.

team web page

However, just below the images of each team member are one to five icon links that give more information about the person, his/her qualifications, his/her social media contact, and other professional team web page details. They also have links that display the images and profiles of team members of various branches of the company. Their social media page links are also included at the bottom of the page.

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Also, proudly showcasing your team in a professional way would make a positive effect on them. Master digital sales and marketing when you join IMPACT+ for FREE. Gain instant access to exclusive courses and keynotes taught by Marcus Sheridan, Brian Halligan, Liz Moorehead, Ann Handley, David Cancel, Carina team web page Duffy, Zach Basner, and more. They are unexpected and speak volumes about team’s personality without making a peep. With a simple design, the copy is what really shined on Wanelo’s old team page. It began with a unique, playful headline, helping you visualize its workspace and inviting you into it.

Below are a handful of trends and some interesting examples of “Meet the Team” pages. I hope that these meet the team ideas have inspired you and given you some good insights on the different and unique ways to create the best team pages on your website. As you scroll through their home page, the team members’ images are animated and associated with some attention-grabbing creative artwork. At the top of the home page is a line of links that will connect you to various web pages of the company, such as their work, expertise, blog page, contact, etc. The best our team pagesideas range from regular to custom, innovation, creative, fun, and what not.

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It’s such a pleasure to click on each department and watch how the people walk in and out of the screenshot with each group making a unique gesture. In addition to the features outlined above, Lateral’s ‘about us’ page has links which help migrate the visitor to their related pages and details of their services. Below these heads are the links to their six offices across the globe, through which we can migrate from one office to the other using the Google Maps symbol of the world map below the current page. In addition to these moving heads, you can also find the hiring mobile app developers name of every team member by hovering your cursor over his/her head, during which he/she gazes directly at you, and the other heads gaze at him/her. When you look at Lateral’s about us page, it strikes you as a hodge-podge of people’s heads looking in every different direction to which you move your cursor. The page ends with an award display section at the bottom, and a time zone display pattern for some selected cities across Europe and Asia. Their services span four disciplines which can all be accessed from the links under the services part of this page.

  • It’s a neat format, since it gives an immediate impression of how large each department is .
  • It adds a personal touch to the company and can lend trust to visitors.
  • Some have long pink hair, others a bushy beard or big glasses.
  • When you first land on this combination about-team page, it may not seem like anything special, but hover over any of the team photos and you’re in for a surprise.
  • It’s a great place to impart valuable information about your company.
  • What makes this page different is clearly the glowing neon illustrations of the team members.

The splashy set up is a stylish alternative to the expected rows of team photos and names. FCINQ, a creative studio, introduces us to their team with a collage of colorful bubbles. Each employee at the English agency had a custom caricature drawn up, and every single one has a different personality. While some employees opted for representations reminiscent of LinkedIn profile pictures, others got a little creative with it, dressing their cartoon selves up as Ewoks and other characters. Hovering over each team member’s picture produces a colorful stacked card effect, revealing brief employee bios in coordinated fonts. This is a great example of a minimal, accessible “Meet the Team” page that manages to look cool and introduce the faces behind the agency without going over the top. On their about page, they say, “Some of the more rewarding projects we have had the honour to be involved in, started with simple ideas and grew profitable businesses from the ground up.”

The page ends with the company’s contact information and a host of their social media page links. In addition to the company’s direct contacts which are displayed at the bottom of the home page, we also have the company’s social media page links, and email which you can use to find out more about them. Both the bottom and top of this home page contain links and hyperlinks that can help you migrate through the company’s website pages, contact them, and their social media pages too. The exceptional thing about this company page it that they, unlike other companies, use mostly writings to guide the visitors with much focus on the social media pages of team members. Digital Marmalade shares another interesting style of designing team page examples. It does a great job of combining its team’s profiles with a written story about the company. Look like Elegant Seagulls believes that out of the box team page examples work better if you’re a creative agency.

team web page

We love this expertly color-coordinated slideshow of team members form Stink Digital. Rock Kitchen Harris, a full-service agency, decided to skip the photos altogether and showcase the cartoon versions of their employees instead. Bolden’s team bios are more conventional than some of the others on this list, but what they lack in invention they more than make up for with style. With this in mind, their ‘meet our team’ section is a great way to illustrate that idea. When you hover over an image of a team member, their thumbnail flips over to reveal a photo from their childhood with a small caption of what they wanted to be when they grew up. The idea being that it takes time and innovation to become great things.

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When hovered, viewers can see the name and title of each individual. When you then click on a specific image, it leads to a team member’s photo made up by similar mosaic squares. Instead of bios, though, they have three songs from their Spotify list to highlight their personalities. Forget everything you know about traditional team pages when looking a Globule Bleu’s website. They start with a puzzle-looking Trader Assistant Development page, made up of images from a Lego man to a blow dryer. However, as you scroll over each individual, the headshot card flips around to show a funny GIF that represents that team member’s personality. From Patrick Swayze dancing to a classic cat GIF, it’s a fun and professional way to show that these coworkers are serious about their job, but they still enjoy a little fun here and there.

Lateral is a design and development studio that is absolutely killing it with the design of their team website page. When you first land on the page, you see individual headshots of each team member. Employee profiles tell the story of your team members and their relationship with your company. This is where each employee can drop their humility a bit and boast about their capabilities, accomplishments, and what they bring to the team. It highlights the people who make up your team in both a professional and unique way. The black&white photographs of the team create a professional and clean impression. Besides, you can read detailed personal info about the team members by clicking to the pictures.

Short but to the point page explains Major Tom’s approach and showcases the team. They have been providing creative marketing solutions since 2010. They are focused on paid search , paid social, and conversion . Berlin-based Mimosa is an integrated digital creative agency specialised in branding, inbound marketing, research and consulting. Furthermore, demonstrating your employees and their responsibilities would be very useful as seeing the talents of your team might be something your visitors are looking for. Optionally, you can include the links of their social profiles, websites or blogs and you can use organizational charts if you have a large company as well. “About Us” and “Team” pages are usually the first places that visitors look at.