Teen has 232 teeth removed in India

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

232 teeth
These are all the teeth that were stuck inside Ashik’s mouth. Yowza!

Going to the dentist is no fun, even if it is for our own good. They poke and prod you with sharp metal instruments, freeze your gums with blasts of icy water, and shove all kinds of weird goo and contraptions in your mouth. Well, none of that is as bad as what 17-year-old Ashik Gavai had to experience, when surgeons removed 232 teeth from the poor guy!

Wait a minute… 232 teeth?! That sounds like the dental statistics of a mutant crocodile from a bad horror movie. See, humans normally have 32 teeth, including the wisdom teeth at the far back that people often have removed. However, Ashik was suffering from a condition called complex odontoma, which creates abnormal growths made of teeth-like structures.

The surgeons believe this is a world-record operation, beating the previous record by almost 200! Fortunately, Ashik is okay now, and is recovering from the mega surgery. I bet the Tooth Fairy is going to go broke shelling out enough money for Ashik’s teeth! Then again, I wonder if he’ll be able to fit all those chompers under his pillow…