Temporary blindness boosts hearing abilities

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Until the scientists conduct human trials, I don’t recommend wearing a blindfold around the house!

According to a new study, you may not need a vat of radioactive materials to develop superpowers – a blindfold will do the trick just fine. Researchers found that momentarily blinding someone can boost their hearing abilities – no comic-book-style science accidents necessary!

In their experiment, researchers kept mice in the dark for about a week. After taking some brain scans, they realized that the rodents’ brains were changed and their hearing abilities were enhanced. Better yet, these boosts lasted several weeks after they returned to regularly lit environments. The mice that spent a week without light could hear softer sounds than those that didn’t spend long periods of time in the dark.

The results of this trial have more implications than just developing superhuman abilities. If scientists can find a way to reproduce this effect in humans, they may have a new method of treating individuals with hearing problems, like the elderly.

Featured image courtesy of Obtuse Photo on Flickr. Image of blindfolds courtesy of Balzac on Wikipedia.