The Consumer Electronics Show begins!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The Audi Tech Titans delivered a keynote and unveiled their latest car tech.

This past week, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off its annual display of the latest gadgets in Las Vegas. If you want to know more about the CES and what the 2014 show will feature, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Every year since 1967, CES holds a 4-day long exhibit for businesses, manufacturers, and innovators worldwide to show off their latest technological innovations. Leaders from Tech Titans – the industry’s biggest companies – speak to more than 152,000 people throughout the exhibition. There are also hundreds of conferences, super conferences, and award ceremonies in the CES that are guaranteed to wow the large crowds. After all, we’re talking about cutting-edge technology.

This year, CES 2014 will be no exception. In fact, there are 99 companies attending, which is a record for any CES show so far. Some of the key speakers include Sony chairman and CEO Kazuo Hirai, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, and Audi Management Board Chairman Rupert Stadler.

In fact, Audi already showed off some of the company’s latest projects, one of which was the mobile Audi Smart Display. This 10.2-inch tablet is designed to control the car radio, surf the web, resist heat, and be tough enough to survive an accident. The car company also stated their future cars will come with features that include smart laser headlights and pilot driving, where car owners can sit in the passenger seat as the car chauffeurs them around town.

Meanwhile, Sony announced their plans to take TV into the future, or rather up into the clouds. Their new TVs will be cloud-equipped so that movies and shows can be stored in a “cloud service” rather than on someone’s system. It’s kind of like how Netflix works, where rather than needing to download thousands of movies onto your machine, you can just connect to their servers and stream the flicks without using up valuable storage space. Additionally, the Tech Titan announced a service called Playstation Now that will allow PS4 games to be streamed on non-PS4 devices. Sweet!

While CES 2014 is no more than a day into its agenda, there have already been a bunch of awesome gadgets revealed, like wearable fitness watches, next generation TVs, iPhone accessories, video-enabled headphones, and smart toothbrushes. Stay tuned to Clubhouse News the next three days as we highlight some of the most spectacularly futuristic inventions!

Featured image courtesy of CES. Image of Audis courtesy of International CES Facebook.