The Goonies sequel is definitely happening

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

What kind of adventure would you go on to save your family’s home?

Earlier in the week, we reported that the Robin Williams comedy, Mrs. Doubtfirewas getting a part two. This week, 80s and 90s kids have another reason to rejoice! Director Richard Donner announced that he and Steven Spielberg are working together on a Goonies sequel.

Before there was Captain Jack Sparrow, there was One-Eyed Willie, the legendary 17th century pirate that once terrorized the neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon. In the original flick, the goonies are a group of kids living in the “Goon Docks” neighborhood located right in the heart of Willie’s old expeditions. When the goonies and their families are at risk of losing their homes thanks to the expanding Astoria Country Club, they go on an adventure to find Willie’s treasure.

We know that everyone is anxiously waiting for any sort of details, but Donner only vaguely mentioned the plot and characters. If all goes according to his plan, then you can definitely expect the original actors to star alongside one another again!

Images courtesy of The Goonies Facebook.