The iHeartRadio concert that ignited Vegas!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

JT iheartradio
Justin Timberlake performing at the iHeartRadio music festival.

Okay, maybe The Toronto International Film Festival wasn’t your cup of tea, but everyone loves music, right?! Is there anything else that keeps your head bobbing and your body shaking more than upbeat tunes strumming out from some sweet speakers! Well, there’s no better concert than the largest live musical event in radio history – The iHeartRadio Music Festival!

Just as in previous years, the concert was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada and lasted five-plus hours! Woah, that’s a whole lot of musicians and singers stepping up on stage, but who really stole the spotlight? Rocker Joan Jett made an amazing comeback, Miley Cyrus yet again embarrassed herself, and Justin Timberlake closed the show with slick moves!

Pumping up the crowd with her rock ‘n’ roll style, Joan Jett celebrated her 55th birthday by joining Ke$ha onstage! They surprised the crowd with their “pop meets rock” collaboration, singing the rebellious anthem “Bad Reputation.” After the performance was done, Ke$ha and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” while fireworks burst behind them.

Next up on the list of performers is Miley Cyrus, who should really stop the crazy shenanigans. Thankfully, she didn’t reenact her VMA performance, but strutted on stage wearing another outrageous attention-seeking outfit. Oh, Smilerz, when will you learn… Anyways, she sure knows how to keep the tabloids interested! Cyrus paused multiple times to wipe away tears during the emotional ballad, “Wrecking Ball,” written about her ex-fiancé.

Okay, let’s push these ladies to the side to talk about Justin Timberlake, the dude who closed the five-hour long concert singing his hit “Mirror.” Whether it’s the smooth moves that could make Michael Jackson look like an amateur, or his sweet vocals… everyone is talking about JT! Not only did he interact with the crowd, but he brought out his classic “SexyBack” and got the audience pumped.

I don’t think I listen to a specific genre of music more than others, so iHeartRadio festival is the show I should really attend. It’s time to save up my moolah and buy some tickets!

Featured image courtesy of Todd Owyoung on iHeartRadio. Image of Justin Timberlake courtesy of Justin Timberlake Instagram.