The mystery of sleep talking

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

sleep talker
People who have trouble sleeping at night are likely to talk in their sleep.

When it’s time to turn in for the night, nothing seems better than a cozy bed and a quiet room. Once you drift off, however, you may just start babbling aloud! Why? Well, some dreamers suffer from somniloquy – a condition where people talk in their sleep.

The type of sounds sleep talkers make can range from mumbling nonsense to telling complete stories! That’s because their conscious minds have no idea what they’re saying, which can actually be very embarrassing. Not only might they accidentally wake someone else up in the room, they could reveal an embarrassing thought!

Now, before you go listening by someone’s bedside for some juicy gossip, their muttered words don’t really have any meaning, even if they do refer to a past experience. In fact, even the legal system doesn’t consider someone’s sleep talking to be legitimate evidence in court. So, if you confess to stealing a cookie from the cookie jar while you’re asleep, you’ll be okay.

While the disorder is more common among men and children, anyone can be affected with a case of sleep talking. Some causes include not getting enough sleep every night, substance abuse, anxiety, stress, and depression. In more serious cases, somniloquy reflects a psychological disorder that needs to be treated with medicine.

Featured image courtesy of Robert Terrell on Flickr. Image of sleeper courtesy of Alyssa L. Miller on Flickr.