The NBA season is here

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

As the MLB season comes to an end with the BoSox winning the World Series, the NBA season’s begun ramping up. On Tuesday night, the Lakers put the hyped Clippers down with a 116-103 win, Miami Heat showed it’s still champion material in a 107-95 game against the Bulls, and the Pacers outpaced Orlando Magic with a 97-87 showing. Wednesday’s games featured some upsets, as the 76ers beat the Heat 114-110, the Lakers got chopped down by the Warriors 125-94, and the Celtics were eaten alive by the Raptors 93-87. It’s way too early to tell which teams are going to rise and fall in the weeks to come, but we’re definitely excited for the upcoming season!

Featured image courtesy of Los Angeles Lakers Facebook.