The new Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

After Tony Abbott’s swearing-in ceremony as Australia’s new Prime Minister on Wednesday, he quickly went to work moving forward his vision for the country. One of the main issues he brought up as part of his campaign for election was turning away Indonesian immigrants who arrive on boats to Australia. “It’s so important that we send a message to the people-smugglers that from today their business model is coming to an end,” he declared at his ceremony, referring to illegal immigration practices. Abbott is also getting rid of the carbon tax on Australia’s biggest polluters, drawing criticism from Australia’s chief scientist, Professor Ian Chubb.  “These sorts of issues are not going away just because we ignore them,” said Chubb, who is concerned that more pollution will result now that there’s less economic penalty for damaging the environment.

Featured image courtesy of Tony Abbott on Flickr.