The Primetime Emmys makes history

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Jeff Daniels
We hope Jeff Daniels spit out the gum before coming up on stage a second time!

All month, we could not control our excitement over Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards! Except, Sunday night he finally walked out on the stage… and disappointed everyone. Maybe we’re bagging on NPH way too much, though, because really the entire show was lame and predictable.

You’d think after 3 years, somebody would dethrone Modern Family, but they still keep winning! Anyways, there were a few shockers at the show that do deserve a mention: the Emmys television dance tribute, Jeff Daniels winning “Lead Actor in a Drama Series,” and House of Cards taking “Directing for a Drama Series.”

Actor Jeff Daniels receives plenty of praise for his role as Will McAvoy in the HBO drama The Newsroom, but did he deserve to beat out previous Emmy award winners Bryan Cranston and Damian Lewis? I guess it depends on whose show you’re a big fan of!

Next up is the not-so-shocking win for House of Cards! Earlier in the month, the political drama made history for being the first online distributed series to earn major Primetime nominations! On Sunday, it fully lived up to the hype when Director David Fincher took the top directing prize. This is huge for Netflix, the streaming agency that produces House of Cards, because it is no longer considered just a “rerun” network. Instead, people can get their daily dose of old cartoon episodes and watch original content, too!

Now, here’s where the Emmys got just a little too weird for our taste. There was no mention of a singing number in any pre-Emmy announcement, but Neil Patrick Harris took the stage, singing the classic “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.” Alright, the song is good enough, but the dubstep-style remix wasn’t necessary! No, really, contemporary dancers dressed up in outfits from some of the better-known television shows (Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad) and broke into hip-hop style moves. Don’t ask us, we don’t know why they did that either…

Neil Patrick Harris is a well-known presenter, but after this lame night, The Academy may think twice before asking him again!

Images courtesy of Primetime Emmys Facebook.