The Sims are back and better than ever

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Sims 4
Screenshots from Sims 4.

Yesterday, we announced that the mega conference Gamescom would open their doors to gamers, letting them explore the latest news from major video game developers. Well, your first piece of news is here and it’s coming to you a full day before! Save your hard-earned Simoleons because Electronic Arts (EA) is bringing your beloved Sims back in Sims 4.

Now, with the ability to multitask, we can say goodbye to dropping babies for bathroom breaks and hello to discovering the joys of juggling acts. Group controls eliminate stragglers and give us the option to send whole packs of Sims to do things together. The addition of heightened mood and emotional capacity for Sims will give characters the ability to express themselves through activities that will influence their animation and behavior.

Some of the best news, though, is the improved Create-a-Sim feature. Instead of picking one or two facial features, Sims 4 is letting you completely mold your characters face. With just a click of your mouse, you can drag features (such as cheekbones, lips, and chins) to the specific size or shape that you want.

There’s no denying that with a plethora of new characteristics, traits, and abilities to customize everything from wallpaper to walk styles, that Sims 4 will be the best Sims game to date. All the latest improved features will have you jabbering “Jadosi!” in joy. Though the release date is still up for debate, EA Games plans for an early 2014 release date. We can’t wait!

Images courtesy of Electronic Arts.