Ocean-like waves discovered on Saturn’s largest moon

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The freaky-looking light that researchers captured.

Recently, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft spotted a strange and eerie light coming from Titan, one of Saturn’s many moons. To anyone looking at the image, it appeared like aliens were finally trying to make contact with humans! However, according to university researchers, it’s actually reflected sunlight that’s the first evidence of watery waves on Titan.

Before your imagination starts running wild with plans of colonizing Saturns moon, the liquid isn’t pools of H2O like they are here on Earth. Rather, they are large bodies made up of the chemicals ethane and methane. These chemicals typically exist in gas form, but when they form thick and heavy clouds, they rain down as liquid just like storms here on our planet. In fact, the researchers describe Titan as one of the most Earth-like bodies in the Solar System.

If there really are waves on Saturn’s largest moon, that would give it an ocean-like quality similar to Earth’s vast bodies of water. However, researchers say the waves are probably no bigger than a few centimeters at most.

Now that Titan is approaching a new season, scientists expect strong winds to kick up the waves even higher than that, so maybe some Saturnian aliens are getting ready to surf!

Featured image courtesy of NASA. Image of wavy light courtesy of USRA.