Thirsty? Eat a vegetable

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Did you know it’s important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Well, there’s actually a shortcut you can take. Come on over here and I’ll whisper it to you. Okay, that’s close enough. Look, I know that when you guzzle a ton of water, you’ll be visiting the bathroom way too much. See why I wanted to whisper? So, here’s a secret to getting that H20 without having to go-go-go. Eat your water. No, not like ice cubes, although that’s clever of you to think that. We’re talking about green water. No, not the green water in that disgusting puddle in the street! The kind inside veggies.

Take cucumbers, for instance, which are made of 96.7% water. They have the most juicy H20 of any food available! Great for a salad. Speaking of salads, let’s get some leafy green iceberg lettuce in there, because it’s our second place winner at 95.6% water content. It might not be as vitamin-rich as spinach, but we’re trying to get our watery intake right now, so let’s stay focused.

Ok, so cucumbers and iceberg lettuce in a salad bowl. That’s a good start, but let’s throw in some more variety. In third place for vegetable water sports, celery is filled to the brim with 95.4% certified liquid satisfaction. Ooo, now this salad’s getting crunchy! Let’s make it a bit red and spicy too with radishes, which have 95.3% hydration. Oh look! Sliding into 4th and 5th place, are tomatoes and green peppers. Mmm, now this salad’s looking mighty fine. Tomatoes not only have 94.5% water, they have lots of vitamins and antioxidants. So do green peppers, even if they “only” have 93.9% water.

Man, and guess what?

There’s a lot of other plants with over 90% water, like cauliflower, watermelons, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, star fruit, grape fruit, baby carrots, and cantaloupe. Phew! Eat all that, and you’re bound to get not only your hydration on, but also some excellent vitamins.