Tom Hiddleston in the palm of your hand

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Believe me when I say that action figures are high on my list of toys to buy. I’m sure many of you don’t even open collector’s editions, because who wants to ruin the value? But I have to ask, what’s a play-date without a villain to beat? Hot Toys has recently released its newest figurine in their Marvel Comics edition: Loki! Though diehard comics fans may remember Loki from his first appearance in Marvel’s Thor series, this figurine has been modeled after actor Tom Hiddleston’s cinematic interpretation of Loki in Thor and The Avengers. This action figure is so totally going on my shelf right next to Captain America!

Loki Tom Hiddleston action figure
Hiddleston poses next to his action figure twin.

Thor hit theaters in May of 2011, instantly becoming a box office hit with more than $400 million in ticket sales. The action flick follows Thor (he’s named after the Norse god of thunder! KRACKOOM!) as he is dramatically cast down from his home planet of Asgard and finds himself stranded on Earth without his power. Loki manipulates events from the shadows, causing all manner of mischief – he is the Norse trickster god, after all. After his trickery in Thor, Tom Hiddleston once again portrayed Loki in The Avengers, taking center stage as an intergalactic villain looking for world domination.

When asked about what makes Loki such a charming character worthy of an action figure, Tom Hiddleston jokes: “Underneath the steely cold veneer of his trickster charm is a certain vulnerability and sensitivity- the wounded fragility of an outcast brother and son. His mind IS a box of cats though. But I love him!”

So, if you’re a fan of cats and the Marvel Comics series, Loki is just the perfect addition to your collection. Don’t forget to check out their other toys, because we know that a collection is not complete without a team of superheroes to save the day!

Images courtesy of Hot Toys and Marvel Comics.