Toothless NCAA barely nibbles renegade Johnny Manziel

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

After a melodramatic investigation of Johnny Manziel’s alleged selling of autograph signings, and thus defiance of amateurism rules that forbid students from profiting off of college sports, what’s the verdict? A half game suspension, because they don’t have any proof. That’s it. All the hand-wringing and threats of wrist-slapping was all for naught, and the NCAA comes off as a mouthy lecturer with nary a backbone to stand upright.

“When institutions are in their death throes, they do unpredictable things, irrational things,’’ said Murray Sperber, University of California, Berkeley, professor, and author of several books about the inner workings of college sports. “Mainly, they just want this to go away.” He explains, “They didn’t know what else to do. If they gave him a severe penalty – and you can look at cases over the years where they gave severe penalties over T-shirts – it would have [ticked] off Texas A&M. They probably figured they’d take a hit for this, but that it would go away quicker than if they made him miss five games.’’

Featured image courtesy of Texas A&M Facebook.