Toyota’s newest car can read human emotions!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Toyota FV2
The car changes colors based on how the driver is feeling, like a gigantic mood ring.

Earlier this month, Toyota unveiled its FV2 concept car, which can read human emotions! The FV2 also has a plane-like cockpit called a canopy, instead of a driver’s seat, and doesn’t even require a steering wheel. To navigate, the car reads your body gestures, whether you’re sitting down with the windshield closed, or standing up with it open.

The windshield itself also has a unique design, since it will offer an augmented-reality display – basically adding computer-generated sights and sounds to the regular view of the world outside. A driver can use this full screen to  keep track of traffic reports, weather conditions, and safety issues on the road.

However, the coolest feature is definitely the FV2’s ability to read emotions, using voice and facial recognition technology. The smart vehicle can also monitor a driver’s moods and remember them for the future. For example, it can switch its color to match what the person is feeling or offer destination suggestions to match their moody needs.

Even though this car is just a concept, Toyota has released smartphone apps to give individuals a taste of what it feels to drive the ultra-intelligent vehicles.

Images courtesy of Toyota Motors Corp.