Tropical Storm Arthur: First named storm of the season!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

stormy streets
Windblown palm trees are a common sight in Florida, which often experiences hurricanes and tropical storms.

Tropical Storm Arthur is looming near North and South Carolina, and it has the honor of being the first named storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

It formed off of Florida’s east coast with wind speeds of 2 miles per hour, and now has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph that stretch a full 70 miles from its center.

Once the winds reach 75 miles per hour, the tropical storm will be classified as a hurricane.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for the east-central coast of Florida, and residents up north by Virginia Beach may even be impacted.

Surfers are already flocking to the choppy waters, enjoying powerful waves before they get too chaotic.

So, it just might be a stormy 4th of July for residents in the southeast of the USA, especially if Tropical Storm Arthur becomes Hurricane Arthur. I’m guessing the fireworks might be a bit damp to go off, and even if they do, the fierce winds could send them spiraling into the trees!

Featured image courtesy of Craig ONeal on Flickr. Image of stormy streets courtesy of Julianna Brown on Flickr.