Trouble focusing in school?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

study kid
Class can feel overwhelming when it’s hard to focus.

Even though we’ve been in school for at least two weeks now, it’s hard to let go of the fun summer days. To be honest, I find myself thinking about the exciting times I’ve had in the past couple of months, and it becomes a wee bit difficult to focus in school. If that’s the case for anyone else, try keeping these foods handy to improve concentration!

Believe it or not, consuming sugar is a great way to boost memory and focus! That doesn’t mean it’s okay to go to the nearest doughnut shop and binge on a baker’s dozen. Instead, the healthy sugar found in whole, raw fruits – and not their juice counterparts – is perfect for energizing the brain. Eat slices of apples and oranges during recess and lunch to prepare yourself for the next class lesson.

Actually, those pieces of fruit would be an excellent supplement for a hearty breakfast! Many studies have discovered that eating a morning meal with plenty of fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and dairy improve memory and attention. In fact, students who go to school with a full belly are more likely to perform better than those who skip the most important meal of the day! Just be sure not to overeat in the morning, as packing on the calories has been shown to slow down thought processes.

Okay, so breakfast improves focus for the long school day, but what about when class is over and there are piles of homework to complete? What should you do for energy then? Pick the right snack! My favorite brain-boosting treats are blueberries. According to research, they provide essential vitamins and minerals that increase your learning ability.

These tiny fruits should provide enough focus to last until dinner time, but once your tummy starts to grumble again, why not have some more concentration food? Servings of fish and avocado will provide enough focus to finish the last stretch of work before bedtime. Both contain a healthy fat called omega-3, which not only aids brain development, but also enhances memory!

If none of these snacks appeal to you, feel free to sprinkle in dark chocolate, nuts, and butter-free popcorn throughout the day for extra boosts of concentration. Teachers will be impressed when every one of their questions is answered correctly!

Featured image courtesy of Luciano Ramo on Flickr. Image of studying youth courtesy of wecometolearn on Flickr.