Tyler Posey talks Teen Wolf’s season 3

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Teen Wolf image
The cast of season 3, minus the infamous twins.

If you thought the first half of Teen Wolf’s season 3 was intense, it’s about to get a lot darker and crazier! Tyler Posey, who plays the main character, recently gave our fangs a taste of what’s in store for the 2nd half in his interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“We’re going back to the pace of the first season of Teen Wolf,” explained Posey. “There are obviously some huge things that we’ve never done on Teen Wolf that we’re doing this season, so it’s going to be crazier, but it’s a lot slower, which adds this very creepy, horror film-ish element to the show.” Considering how action-packed the first season was, I’m definitely excited to watch them balance suspenseful tension with sudden frights!

So, how exactly is Posey planning on preparing for all the upcoming wild antics? He says, “I love action stuff, doing stunts, and playing the werewolf. It progresses more and more every time I do it – it gets a little more aggressive, which is really fun to play because there are no rules when it comes to playing a werewolf. It feels second nature now.” Uh oh, Posey. Don’t get too into the character, otherwise you just might end up running down the streets on a full Moon… in real life!

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be tuning in to MTV this coming Monday to watch Posey sink his teeth into season 3’s exciting conclusion.

Images courtesy of Teen Wolf Facebook.