US Navy researching its own version of Google Glass

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Navy Google Glass
The eyewear will add digital enhancements to a soldier’s view.

When the gadget Google Glass was announced to the world, the public was excited by the idea of augmented reality – enhancing our view of reality with digital features. Most people probably saw this as a means for entertainment, but the USA Navy had another idea in mind: train sailors for combat situations. This is why they are creating their own version of Google Glass called the Head Worn Display Augmented Reality.

A special eyewear company named Vuzix has teamed up with the Navy to trick out traditional military eye goggles. The thin glass on the goggles – which is similar to those found on regular eyeglasses – will be hooked up with a tiny HD screen that can display computer-generated images into a soldier’s view. The headgear will also have a long battery life so soldiers can go long periods of time before they need to charge their gear.

This may be so that the soldier can train for longer periods of time. It appears the Navy wants to use the Head Worn Display Augmented Reality gadget to simulate war-like scenarios so the military doesn’t have to waste money trying to reenact the situation for real. It can also potentially provide battlefield data to help soldiers be ultra alert and informed. Unsurprisingly, other government branches are looking to use similar technology, including the Army and several police departments.

Images courtesy of Six15 Technologies.