US victorious in America’s Cup yacht race

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Writer

Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison lets loose a victory roar after his team was presented with the 34th America’s Cup trophy.

Billionaire Larry Ellison is the co-founder of a very successful software company called Oracle Corporation. Not only does he enjoy pushing the limits of technology, but Ellison is also an ultra-competitive fan of racing yachts (medium-sized sailboats).

This past Wednesday, the businessman was incredibly thrilled when his Oracle Team USA won the 34th America’s Cup yacht race.

What the heck is the America’s Cup? Oh, just the oldest yacht race in the world. That, and ever since an American boat called America won the first race in 1851 against 15 other boats from England, the trophy has been known as the “America’s Cup.” What’s even more impressive, is that it’s the oldest international sporting trophy!

After 162 years of competition, one of the most legendary comebacks ever took place this week. Ellison’s Oracle Team USA was down 8-1 one week ago, and ended up beating Emirates Team New Zealand 9-8 by 44 seconds, after winning 8 races in a row! Talk about not giving up and going the distance…

The winner of America’s Cup gets a unique advantage before the next race in 3 years: they can choose what kind of boat everyone will use and where they’ll be racing. Because the price of yacht racing is so extreme, like this year’s $100 million price tag, many countries cannot afford to join in the challenge.

Ellison recognizes this, and explained, “It’s no secret that these boats are expensive and we’d like to have more countries competing next time. So we are going to have to figure out how we’ll accomplish both – get more countries competing at the same time but keep it as spectacular as it was in this last regatta.”

Featured image courtesy of Gilles Martin-Raget, ACEA, and America’s Cup Facebook. Image of Larry Ellison courtesy of Abner Kingman, ACEA, and America’s Cup FacebookVideo courtesy of America’s Cup.