USA Navy looks to Ghost warships for protection

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Ghost craft
Ghost can keep aircraft carriers and other large vessels safe with speed and precision.

Imagine a fighter jet that can slice through ocean waves with speedy silence, while protecting bigger ships from smaller enemy vessels. Well, the USA Navy just might be adding 60-foot-long Ghost warships to their fleet, and these bad boys carry mega firepower in a small, low-key, and ultra-futuristic package.

The $10-million watercraft is developed by Juliet Marine Systems, and it could provide critical defenses to aircraft carriers by responding to danger quickly, enduring damage with a tough exterior, and firing tons of weaponry. The Ghost’s ability to swiftly patrol and attack is critical, considering how expensive and powerful America’s biggest naval ships are.

See, the USA has the largest aircraft carrier fleet in the world, with ten active ones and 2 under construction. These 101,000-ton supercarriers are nuclear-powered, can carry 85 choppers and aircraft, have powerful missiles, and can last 50 years if they’re not destroyed. They also have a landing strip for takeoff, allowing jets to leave and return from their deck, which makes them very strategically valuable machines in times of war. Basically, they’re floating airports for the military!.

Although these big ol’ beasts are tough, smaller ships can outmaneuver them and get in quick to do damage. That’s why the Ghost warship could be a gamechanger, and the CEO of the company that makes them is confident the Navy will buy some. He admits that negotiations can take a while, explaining, “We understood really early on that when you bring something this revolutionary to the government, it’s not going to be readily accepted. We knew we had to prove the technology worked to even sell it.”

Images courtesy of Juliet Marine Systems.