Use iWound for awesome Halloween tricks

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

iWound costumes
If you’re looking for some full body costume action, iWound has teamed up with Morphsuits for some super detailed epicness.

It’s more than halfway through October and Halloween is right around the corner. That means it’s time to wipe off those old cobwebs from the haunted house decorations (or leave them out for an added effect!) and plan what you’re going to wear for October 31.

Everyone always wants to have the most realistic looking costumes, slapping on tons of sticky make-up for hideous cuts and gore. Well, if you use the iWound app, you can show off the yuckiest fake injuries… minus all the messy effort!

The man behind iWounds, Mark Rober, got the idea back in 2011 when he strapped an iPad 2 to his chest and another to his back. Since he was running the facetime app on both tablets, it looked as if he had a gigantic hole blasted through his body! Rober was so impressed by the special effects, he decided to quit his job as a NASA engineer and begin the company Digital Dudz, which mixes traditional costumes with new technology. The results are totally scare-tastic, and here’s how you use it!

If you load the app on a smartphone, all you need is a special case, a ripped shirt, some fake blood, and about 10 minutes. First, rip a hole though any location you want on the shirt and apply fake blood. Typically, the rule of thumb is – the more blood, the more awesome – so apply liberally! From there, you put the special case inside the shirt and slip the phone in. After selecting a cool animation (crawling maggots, beating hearts, or pulsing intestines to name a few) it’ll be all eyes on you at any Halloween party!

It would be really cool if Rober teamed up with Disney and incorporated their latest touchscreen technology to iWound. That way, if anyone is brave enough to touch your wound, it’ll feel real!

Images courtesy of Mark Rober on YouTube.