Using your body as an electronic password for technology

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

body password
Logging in with your skin!

Ever since Motorola was absorbed by Google, it’s been creating some very unique new stuff!

Regina Dugan, who leads Motorola’s research and development (R&D) – the part of a company that focuses on inventing new things – recently gave a talk at a technology conference called “All Things Digital.”

Dugan is a very well-respected woman in the world of science and technology, as she was also the head of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) – which is the leading military advanced research group for the United States and its Department of Defense. At DARPA, they come up with all kinds of crazy stuff like robotic cheetahs that can catch bad guys.

It’s no surprise, then, to see her leading the charge in the fascinating world of authentication – how we secure our technology so that other people can’t break into our things. Normally we just use passwords to “authenticate” and get access to our stuff, but in the future, this might be done through electronics vitamins and tattoos! What? Yes, according to Dugan, this will be possible, and she’s not the sort of woman to just exaggerate. She’s a big believer in innovation – creating new things that push the boundaries of what’s been done before – and says, “Boredom is the enemy of innovation.”

Clearly, Dugan’s not bored, because she soon revealed an electronic tattoo from a company called MC10, explaining, “What we plan to do is work with them to advance a tattoo.” This electronic tattoo would be able to take the place of a password, as machines could just scan your skin before opening up. Now, don’t run off and get a tattoo or anything! There’s still many years of research before these things are ready.

Well, if the tattoo is a bit too extreme, how about a vitamin pill with a small chip and a switch inside? This battery is charged by the acids in your stomach, turning your entire body into an authentication device. No one would be able to get into your computer unless they had your body!