Venezuela’s Miss Universe 2013

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Miss Universe '13
The elegant Miss Universe 2013 winner, Venezuela’s Gabriela Isler.

Of the 85 beautiful international women who competed on Saturday night’s Miss Universe 2013 competition in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, only one emerged victorious. The winner, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela, charmed judges and audience members in a classy white dress during the finale. Her words, however, were not nearly as impressive.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who performed “Dream On” during the event, asked Miss Venezuela what her biggest fear was and how she planned to overcome it. She lamely replied, “I believe we should overcome all of our fears and this in turn will make us all much stronger, and thusly we can become stronger persons.”

Maybe that half-baked response is why Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo accidentally dropped the crown on her during the crowning ceremony! You’d think that Isler, who holds a bachelor of arts degree in management and marketing, could be a little wittier.

Then again, let’s be honest. At the end of the day, it’s about looks. The 25-year-old, 5-foot, 10-inch Isler, who works as an anchor for Venezuela’s Venevision television, positively glowed with angelic beauty. Her victory led Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to tweet his congratulations, calling her win a triumph.

On Sunday, Miss Venezuela performed her first Miss Universe duty, by posing in a $1 million swimsuit filled with rubies and diamonds. Not a bad way to start her year-long run as Miss Universe, eh?

Images courtesy of Miss Universe Facebook.