[Video Game Review] Destiny

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Destiny PvP
PvP matches in the Crucible are exciting, and the maps are awesome, but it quickly becomes a repetitive grind like the rest of the game.

I was looking forward to Destiny for months. The creators of the Halo series, Bungie, were promising a revolutionary first-person shooter with open-world exploration and role-playing game elements. After playing it a few weeks, maxing out my character, and nabbing tons of PS4 trophies, I’m incredibly disappointed. Despite gorgeous graphics and ultra-smooth gameplay, Destiny suffers from a shallow story, repetitive endgame content, and unimaginative missions.

In Destiny, a mysterious orb called the Traveler empowers humanity with high-tech advances and longer lifespans, creating a “golden age” of space travel and wealth. Unfortunately, its ancient enemies end up finding Earth and destroying mankind. The player wakes up as a Guardian brought back to life by a little piece of the Traveler called a Ghost, and embarks on a quest to push back the unimaginatively named “Darkness”.

With Traveler-enhanced combat abilities, your Guardian grows in power pretty quickly, and you can be a spell-slinging Warlock, a tough-as-nails Titan, or a stealthy Hunter. Although the classes have unique abilities and “customization”, there’s not enough to set them apart. At the end of the day, you’re just a gun-toting soldier blasting packs of aliens away. And while the enemies certainly look different, with the demon-like Fallen, robotic Vex, burly “space marine” Cabal, and insectoid Hive, they basically spend every fight running away, obnoxiously taking too much cover, or using cheapshot abilities.

By the end of the story, your character will be near the max level, which is 20. Once you do hit the cap, your progression comes in the form of “Light” points from better gear. Unfortunately, you can only only boost your Light level by grinding the same dungeons and missions over and over again, which all follow the pattern of reaching a checkpoint, getting swarmed by waves of enemies, then fighting a boss. And the bosses? These “damage sponges” basically have 1 or 2 abilities that absolutely cream you, and they take a good 10-20 minutes to kill because of ridiculously huge health pools.

What about the player vs. player action and multiplayer fun? Although there are well-designed maps for the PvP, it wears thin very quickly, and running through the same content treadmill with your buddies gets old. I ended up reaching level 28 by doing dozens upon dozens of Strikes, Missions, and Crucible matches, and I must admit I’m done wasting my time with this game. Why should I grind for slightly better gear just to do the same old stuff all over again? Oh, and the updates that Bungie offers every week or so don’t offer anything new. Our final verdict? We give this game a “C”.

Images courtesy of Bungie.