Volcano explodes in Indonesia

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Mount Sinabung eruped on Sunday in Indonesia, sending 30,000 fleeing to shelters, mosques, and churches. Ashes blanketed buildings and cars, as the highest mountain in North Sumatra (at 8,530 feet) spewed soot and debris more than a mile into the air. The volcano had been dormant (inactive) for more than four centuries until recent years, so the two blasts this weekend really caught scientists and locals off guard. Over 129 live volcanoes exist in Indonesia, and Mount Sinabung had been considered a very low priority given its long period of dormancy. Now, however, vulcanologists – people who study volcanoes – plan on taking sample gases and checking for signs of rising magma (molten rock).

Featured image courtesy of Kenrick95 on Wikipedia.