Do-it-yourself Wolverine claws and Magneto shoes

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Magneto shoes
Walk upside down with Magneto shoes!

Did you see X-Men: Days of Future Past and wish you could bust out some mutant powers? Well, you’re in luck, especially if you’re a fan of the ultra-magnetic Magneto or claw-slashing Wolverine. See, amateur inventor Colin Furze is quite the Marvel fanatic, so he put his imagination and engineering skills to good use in the name of superhuman awesomeness.

A few days before the latest flick hit theaters, Furze created some rather dangerous-looking 12-inch stainless steel Wolverine claws. No, we’re not talking about the rubbery kind that don’t move, hang limply on your arms, and could be sold in a costume store. He actually made retractable claws that pop out of… well, not an adamantium skeleton, but close enough! It may require a heavy high-tech backpack to wield, but who cares.

Next up, Furze outdid himself with magnetic shoes so incredibly powerful, that you can walk on the ceiling! The Magneto-inspired fashion requires a bit of arm pulling to move your legs, considering the mega magnets keeping you glued to the ceiling, but they’ll definitely flip your world upside down! Of course, when Furze tried to eat chips and drink water while using them he makes a bit of a mess…

Images courtesy of Colin Furze.