Walking shark species discovered

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Is that shadowy figure in the alleyway… a shark?! I heard that a new species of shark has been discovered in eastern Indonesia… and that it “walks” along the seabed using its tiny fins as legs! Bamboo sharks, also known as longtail carpet sharks, have long tails that are bigger than the rest of their bodies. These lovely critters are most often found in tropical waters around Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. A group called Conservation International hopes the discovery of the shark will “help draw diver interest to this mega-diverse but largely undiscovered region.” The Indonesian director of the group, Ketut Sarjana Putra, says this new species, called Hemiscyllium halmahera (try saying that three times fast!), will “call public attention to the fact that most sharks are harmless to humans and are worthy of our conservation attention.”

Well, after I read a bit more about it, I feel better. I don’t need to worry about the local grocery store seafood section being invaded by sharks on the hunt for an easy bite, because the brown and white bamboo shark is strictly an ocean-dweller. Plus, the shark only grows to a maximum of 30 inches and is harmless to humans apparently. Come to think of it, that little guy looks rather cute!

Featured image and video courtesy of Mark Erdmann and Wedaresort.