Want to be a spy for a day?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Zegna sport jacket
This man is wearing a Zegna Icon Jacket. He looks like a regular guy but I’m almost positive he works for the CIA! I bet he’s on the phone with the President…

How awesome would it be to own cool spy gadgets like in the Mission Impossible or James Bond films? Hunting down diabolical villains in their secret lairs… and using all those high-tech gadgets to do it! Well, in case you aren’t cast as the lead in the next spy thriller, here’s a couple of nifty devices that’ll make you feel just like one!

Okay, so you know how a lot of secret agents walk around with an earpiece to record conversations or receive special instructions from their commanding officer? Well, people might get really suspicious if there’s a blinking device hanging off your earlobe, which is why the Zegna Icon Jacket comes in handy. The wearable gear looks like a regular windbreaker, but it’s actually much more. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone and makes calls without ever touching a phone. There’s a super secret control pad on the lining of the sleeve that manages calls, music, and volume, so you can keep your eyes peeled for any evil henchmen ducking their heads around the corner.

And look, there’s three walking directly ahead! Thankfully, you’re blending in just like a regular civilian with that low key windbreaker, so they don’t notice the spy right in front of them. However the mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take pictures of them! How can that be done without alerting the enemy? Not to worry, the Smartphone Spy Lens is here to help. This clever little gadget is about the size of a knuckle, decorated with mirrors, and can be used just like a submarine scope. If you set that iPhone or Android face down, the magnet on the bottom of the lens attaches to the phone camera, letting you change the angle like a dial. Just point the mirrors on the inside of the lens towards the desired subject and snap a photo!

Uh-oh, the volume on the camera phone was on high, so now the enemy’s spooked. Time to slowly walk away and… nope, you’ve been spotted! Run!

…after running 2 exhausting miles all the way home, these marathon-running baddies have managed to keep up! What’re they feeding these guys at the evil lair? You rush up to the front door and scramble for the keys, but it looks like they fell out in the big rush home! Thank goodness the house door is equipped with Kevo, the intelligent lock that can sense your finger and open the door.

You rush inside and bolt the entrance right before the henchmen get in. Phew, what a relief! How long are they going to patrol outside the house, waiting to ambush you? Oh wait, there’s an iDoor Cam on the doorbell that can see everything beyond porch. Good thing you installed it the other night, and how convenient that it only takes a couple of minutes and a screwdriver to turn that doorbell into a high-tech security device! It might be dark outside, but the iDoor Cam features a night vision camera, speaker, microphone, a sensor, and oh yeah, a doorbell. Since the gadget is wifi enabled, you can use it to watch those up-to-no-good men until they leave. Time to call for backup and watch them get cuffed while you sit back and monitor them on your television.

Well, that was certainly fun imagining the life of a spy. I sure am glad these cool gadgets let me pretend, since I’m not sure I’d actually want to be running from wicked henchmen!

Featured image courtesy of Photojojo. Image of Zegna jacket courtesy of Zegna.