Watching too much TV shortens your lifespan

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

A little TV now and then is fine, but if you’re spending hours a day in front of that flashing screen, you need to exercise more!

Although life is precious and may come to an end at any moment, it’s most often shortened by bad habits, like eating fattening diets, not exercising enough, and smoking. Now, you can add watching TV to the list, because a recent study found that it can lead to an early death!

Researchers in Spain studied the daily habits of over 13,000 adults who were at least 37 years old and continued to monitor them over the course of 8 years. Within the span of the study, there were almost a hundred deaths. Apparently, those who spent at least 3 hours watching TV every day were twice as likely to die early in life compared to the rest of the group, regardless of their age, gender, smoking habits, diet, and exercise levels.

Pretty scary thing to think about, huh? Well, get this: the researchers also found that the total time spent sitting – whether in front of a TV or a computer screen – was also associated with an early death. Since teens are spending more time in front of their tablets, smartphones, and laptops than ever before, these findings couldn’t be more of a wake-up call to get out of the house, away from electronics, and lead a more active lifestyle.

While this is not the first study to link watching TV with early deaths, it is the first to focus on adults this young.

Featured image courtesy of Al Ibrahim on Flickr. Image of child watching TV courtesy of Aaron Escobar on Wikimedia.