Weird weather in Europe linked to climate change

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The crazy storms aren’t just affecting the coast – they’re also causing floods in Britain.

The United Kingdom has recently experienced some of the worst rainfall in 250 years, and according to experts, climate change is likely to blame for the extreme conditions. Basically, warmer weather has caused dramatic winter patterns and heavier rainstorms.

Researchers claim a rise in ocean temperatures are specifically responsible for this watery mess. In addition to abnormally high waves crashing on the coast, storms are lasting a really long time. In fact, it hasn’t been this bad since the year 1766! For example, since December, there have been about 130 flood warnings issued to the public. Compare that to the 9 warnings given throughout the whole year of 2012.

According to weather experts in Britain, it’s going to get a lot worse before it improves. The government’s having to pump water out of flooded streets and take extra care to protect utilities such as electricity, water works, and traffic structures.

Featured image courtesy of Thomas Nugent. Image of flooding courtesy of Rob Watkins on Flickr.