Welcome to the land Down Under

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Cody Simpson album Surfers Paradise
The dapper Cody Simpson.

If you’re like me, then poppy upbeat music is just the kind of jam you want to play in your car while cruising down the beach. If your parents are like mine, then they’re probably tired of listening to Justin Bieber’s voice crooning ‘Baby, baby, baby oh’ on repeat. That’s why this week I picked up a new artist that is sure to blow the Biebs off the Disney Channel charts. Say hello to Cody Simpson, the bubbly new 16-year-old teen sensation rising up the charts with summer beats and big blue eyes that you can get lost in.

Originally from Australia, Cody Simpson claims to have a melodic flow that can rival the waves of the ocean. He incorporates the influences of his favorite artists, likes Michael Buble and Jack Johnson, into his music. You can hear this unique weaving of his idols in his most recent single: “Summertime of Our Lives”. Though his career has been on the rise for 2-3 years, it isn’t until recently that he’s hit the American music scene in hopes of breaking into Hollywood.

Cody Simpson is currently working on his third album, “Surfer’s Paradise”, that has a release date of July 16. He was asked to explain the meaning behind his album and says, “Surfers Paradise is basically the most famous area on the Gold Coast of Australia, where I am from. I think this album really represents that piece of me, my lifestyle, and where I come from. When making my first album, Paradise it was sort of a journey to find myself as a young adult and artist. With Surfers Paradise, the entire process felt more natural and comfortable, like being back home. I wanted to share that feeling with my fans.”

If you’re looking for new ways to bug your parents while driving, then Cody Simpson is definitely the surfer to listen to. Don’t forget to visit his YouTube page, or follow his Twitter; this heartthrob is always willing to talk to fans!

Images courtesy of Cody Simpson Facebook.